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Applied Ethics | Weapons of Math Destruction
Moral Questions from Robot Ethics 2.0
A Proposed Solution to the Control Problem
Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System

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Fashion Trends During COVID | A YouTube Exploration

In this personal project, I created a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring fashion trends during the COVID-19 pandemic.The project involved extensive research into evolving fashion trends, scripting engaging narratives, and recording video essays. I also taught myself video editing and graphic design to produce high-quality, visually appealing content.This project not only allowed me to explore my creativity but also marked the beginning of my journey into design.

Baige | A Journey into Functional Minimal Apparel

In parallel with my YouTube project, I explored starting a functional apparel company, Baige. Although the company never officially launched, the process provided me with invaluable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.This project also reignited my childhood passion for fashion design, leading me to sketch apparel designs for the first time as an adult.The experience not only honed my entrepreneurial skills but also allowed me to reconnect with my creative roots in fashion design.


Netflix Rooms | A Machine Learning Feature for Enhanced User Experience

In a project for an Applied AI class during grad school, I took on a leadership role in a team of seven to develop an end-to-end machine learning feature for Netflix, called "Netflix Rooms". This feature aimed to enhance user experience by personalizing community streaming based on users' preferences, interests, and demographics.We used unsupervised learning to create the features of rooms and analyzed these to create an example of a user persona, complete with a character profile and movie recommendations from our model.The project involved extensive external research, data collection, programming, prototyping, and even an attempt at deploying a fully functional machine learning model.

Mood-Based Music Personalization | A Balsamiq Wireframe for Spotify

In anticipation of applying for a Spotify internship, I created a wireframe for a new feature idea using Balsamiq. The concept was to personalize the user's listening experience based on their mood, a feature that Spotify has since implemented.Although the wireframe was basic and completed in just a couple of hours, it was a valuable exercise in rapid prototyping and design thinking.

Retail Data Visualization | A Tableau Dashboard

In grad school, I began to explore new design mediums, one of which was data visualization. My first project in this domain was a Tableau dashboard, created using sample retail store data.This dashboard allowed me to combine my design skills with data analysis, providing a visually compelling narrative of retail trends and insights. This project marked the beginning of my journey into data visualization, a field I quickly became passionate about.

Gentrification and Crime | A Data Visualization Study

In another project during grad school, I selected real-world datasets and crafted a story around them. I focused on a social justice issue — the connection between gentrification and crime.Using Tableau, I created a two-page dashboard that visualized data from two different sources: neighbourhood crime rates and condo development activity. This project allowed me to combine my passion for sociology with my newfound skills in data analysis.

Shopinspo | The Genesis of Relooped

Shopinspo was the initial concept that eventually evolved into what is now known as Relooped. The original idea was to create an AI-driven visual search engine for shopping. However, after talking to users, it became clear that this concept did not address a significant problem and lacked a mission-driven focus. It was merely an idea that would make it easier for people to buy things they don't need.This realization led to a pivot and several iterations, ultimately resulting in the creation of Relooped. Shopinspo serves as a testament to the importance of continuous learning, adaptation, and staying true to a mission in the entrepreneurial journey.


While working as a researcher shortly after graduating, I began exploring actually building something. Drawing from my experience in the hospitality industry, I conceptualized AllBottlesUp, a marketplace designed to streamline the table booking process in nightclubs and bars. The platform aimed to connect cocktail waitresses directly with guests, simplifying bookings, and enhancing the overall experience for both parties.To bring this idea to life, I improved my skills in Figma and designed a high-fidelity, double-sided marketplace from scratch in under two weeks.To validate the feasibility of the platform, I conducted an experiment by reaching out to hundreds of bars, nightclubs, and lounges in Toronto. The response rate was extremely low, confirming my concerns about the potential challenges of partnering with management in this industry.This experiment was a valuable learning experience, highlighting the importance of market validation. Although I decided not to pursue AllBottlesUp further, the insights gained from this project informed my decision to pivot back to Shopinspo, leading to the eventual creation of Relooped.

How Fucked Are You? | An AI Social Scientist's Journey

In a creative endeavor for an apprenticeship application, I crafted a multi-page storyboard from scratch using Canva. Titled "How Fucked Are You?", the storyboard follows the journey of an AI social scientist bot, Sal, who ventures around New York City at the height of the pandemic.


Relooped | An AI-Driven Marketplace for Sustainable Consumption

Relooped is an AI-driven marketplace that I founded with the mission to make sustainable consumption more accessible. The platform connects consumers with unsold items from mission-driven brands, promoting responsible consumption and production practices.The platform leverages AI and data to help brands produce more efficiently and democratize access to sustainable products. As the solo founder, I've taken on multiple roles — from data analysis to design, full-stack, product and marketing.My academic background and research work have been instrumental in informing the development of the platform, particularly in applying novel ideas from AI literature to to solving real-world problems.Relooped represents a significant step in my journey of using AI as a force for good, reflecting my passion for sustainability, and the potential of AI to drive positive change.

How Fucked Are You? | An AI Social Scientist's Journey

Shocked by the dreary and lifeless state of the city, Sal devises a plan to help the city's inhabitants. Sal visits various locations, asking people "how fucked they are?" due to the pandemic. Intended to be sarcastic and unifying, Sal offers a free ear to the people of New York, providing them with a platform to share their experiences and feelings. Soon, people begin to line up to hear what Sal has to say, seeking harsh and truthful advice about their situations. This project was a fun and unique exploration of storytelling, AI, and social commentary.

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Baige | A Journey into Functional Minimal Apparel

How Fucked Are You? | An AI Social Scientist's Journey

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Moral Questions | Robot Ethics 2.0

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